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    Free Coaching Consultation

    We believe that choosing a coach/consultant is a very personal choice that can only be made with having an experience to evaluate fit. We want you to assess if we have the right competencies and the style that works for you. That is why we recommend you take this offer. We will talk about a live situation you have and start to help you understand it and form options for direction as well as next steps. This consultation can be done virtually or face to face depending on logistics.

    Try one of our popular personal leadership assessments.

    We offer this opportunity to provide you insight into your own style and how we use data in our work.  Reports like these provide a common language to describe and understand our behaviors so we can plan your development accordingly.  Please note there is a small processing fee for your report.

    Your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Personal Impact Report

    About Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Personal Impact Report:

    A personality instrument that measures our preferences in how we get energy, make decisions and act with others. It is probably the most popular assessment used by coaches and other members of the helping professions today. Taking it and using the results will help you understand yourself and others more deeply and help you to be more productive in many ways.

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    Your LIFO Report for improving your Individual & Team Performance

    About LIFO:

    LIFO® helps organizations and individuals achieve results by offering an easy to learn and simple to use approach that identifies four behavioral styles, in two conditions, and completes the development process by offering six improvement strategies for success. It helps them to understand their behavioral styles in order to capitalize not only on their own strengths, but also on the strengths of those around them.

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    Your Career Anchor Report for designing your career

    About Career Anchors Self-Assessment:

    The Career Anchors Self-Assessment, developed by MIT Professor Edgar Schein, has been the industry standard for more than 40 years. This research-backed program enables participants to identify their Career Anchors: perceived areas of competence, motives and values related to work choices.

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